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Each one to figure out that the Phytoncide pine country is known to strongly divergent than 10 times and usually trees. Liz resort offers a fine of 300,000 pine trees on the whole course and achieve a pine forest, 1.2km away from the sea in the East have endured faded sea breeze that blows from the sea to enjoy the natural healing rounding.
This caused the sea breeze hitting Phytoncide's a pine forest gives new life to the golfer spread that the entire course. Phytoncide the Russian-born American scientist Waxman was first published in 1943 and that this stress, geodam, tonic, strengthening effect on cardiovascular function.

Elvan sand mixed with 22% of the more than 30cm of sand were used during construction golf course construction. The sand is so constructed quartz porphyry and remove toxic substances and heavy metals disintegration, more than 40 kinds of minerals that are vital to the human body and the effects on metabolism and eluted skin health and control the acidity or alkalinity of water in strong alkaline, enjoy a friendly, non-polluting natural wellness golf.

Romantic par-5 holes in the background, just a stone a stone rock Horizonte Green Green Hall, donuts bunker to be a daring attack sophistication along with Green, Green Island, including 27 holes before each one is designed to stimulate the fighting spirit and the strategic you can enjoy a course where you can enjoy the excitement of a reversal and at the same time.

Privacy as an independent space, you can enjoy the "healing" Leeds Resort in Pine forest walk trails together with Phytoncide.
| 지친 몸과 마음을 풀어주는 지하 1,100m에서 솟아나는 40.9 ℃의 천연 미네랄 온천

소나무와 해풍 그 최적의 만남
Underground springs is a natural mineral spring water and clean the natural gifts of 40.9 ℃ at 1,100m pure and healthy water to put their faith in the Azalea spa special therapy program can give only release physical and mental fatigue.