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01.20 Daily True awards (The best resort section)
12. 07 Top 10 golf course in customer satisfaction selected by Dong-a, Sports Dong-a and X-GOLF
11.02 Korea's Most Beautiful TOP10 '(Seoul Economy Golf Magazine)
03.29 Selected as the best environment friendly golf club (Leisure newspaper)
02.27 'Interesting theme hall in Korea TOP10'
12.09 Top 10 golf course for customer satisfaction selected by Dong-a, X-GOLF
09.27 Creative Innovation Management Award (M-Economy)
09.05 Top 10 public golf course named Korea (Golf magazine)
06.30 Inauguration of CEO Lim, Hakwoon
03.26 Selected as the best environment friendly golf club in 2015
02.01 Inauguration of executive director Kim, minyoung
01.01 Inauguration of Chairman Park, S Johnathan, Inauguration of CEO Kim, Heesu
11.05 2014 top 10 public golf course named Korea (Seoul Economic golf magazine)
08.21 KPGA Vainer – Pine Ridge Open
12.24 'Republic of Korea Korean Innovation & POWER BRAND' selection (Daily Sports)
11.05 "Green Best Golf 'selection (Leisure News)
09.10 4th International Fine Liz times caddy golf tournament held
06.21 27-hole public first switch
05.08 6th 2013 True Love One Family Green Festival
12.21 corporate name change, Ltd. Jin Heung leisure Pine Ridge
10.19 The 4th Republic of Korea Small & Midsize Business Innovation Award [Innovation Division] Minister of Knowledge Economy Award
09.11 The 3th International caddy golf tournament held Pine Liz times
09.07 Creative Innovation Management Award (MBC Economy)
05.07 5th True Love One Family Green Festival
12.20 “Achievement award for Gangwon Tour Promotion”
awarded by Gangwon governor
12.17 “Global Resort Industry Grand Prize”(Daily Issue Sports)
12.14 Selected as the company of “leading community revitalization”(Sports Chosun)
11.30 [2011 Sejong Nanum Service Grand Prize] National Human Rights Commission chairman prize
11.11 “2011 Innovative Management Company” (HanKook Economy)
11.11 “2011 The Best Korea Awards-Customers-moved Management Grand Prize ”(Hankook Ilbo)
11.04 “Korea’s Top company for customer satisfaction”(Herald Economy)
09.01 Selected as Innovative leaders for Korea in 2011(News Maker)
03.28 Selected as the best environment friendly golf club in 2011
(Leisure newspaper)
06.16 Korea’ s Top 10 golf club chosen by CEO (Forbes)
01.15 Selected as the base organization for medical tour leading business in Gangwon mega-city region
11.19 The World Prestigious Brand Grand Prize Prize for 3 years- 2007, 2008, 2009 –consecutively
11.09 KBS “No rival in the world, Lee Pyeong Gang” 16 series drama shooting location
09.12 Seoul Economy Golf Magazine’s “Top 10 New Golf Course in Korea” Selection!!
07.04 Pine Ridge’s 2 consecutive winning of the World Prestigious Brand Grand Prize
06.21 Golf Digest Magazine’s “The New Best Course in Korea” Selection
11.05 Winning of World Brand Golf Club Grand Prize
07.09 Pine Ridge Villa Condo permission completed
07.02 Hole 9 groundbreaking ceremony
06.30 Hole 9 additional construction permission completed
05.07 The First True Love One Family Green Festival opening
04.30 The entrusting ceremony of an honorary member of SBS drama ‘Salt Doll’
04.10 Winning of the Architectural Grand Prize of Club House
03.25 Ranking No. 5 of environment friendly golf clubs
08.01 Opening of Pine Ridge Resort Hole 18
07.26 Registration of Pine Ridge Resort Hole 18 as a sport facility business
(in Gangwon-do Provincial Office)
05.13 Opening of Pine Ridge Resort Club House at 'Members’ Day with Founding Members
05.01 Pine Ridge Resort Pine Ville Dorm Donation Ceremony
04.01 Sales of the first term member’s 50 accounts
(500 million wons per account)
02.16 Completion of collecting founding members’ 100 accounts
(300 million wons per account)
02.16 Permission of the shooting ground (by Gangwon-do Police Agency)
11.01 Merge of Jinheung Land Inc.
10.22 Start of the sales to founding members
10.11 Invitation of VIPs for an exhibition play at the Founding Day (10.11 ~ 11.30)
09.13 Korea Golf Association’s course rating
06.08 Membership registration in Korea Golf Course Business Association
11.20 Pine Ridge CC groundbreaking ceremony
09.01 Pine Ridge Resort brand naming
04.01 The second term development plan established (shooting ground, beach facilities, Exercise Park, Cherry Blossom Park)
11.04 18 hole membership golf club business permission (Gangwon-do)
02.27 Presentation of the development plan to the local residents
02.11 Composition of the company anthem
(lyrics by Jaebong Kim, composed by Guk-in Nam)
02.01 Announcement of the company motto and philosophy
10.11 Establishment of Jinheung Leisure Development, Inc.