CEO's Greeting
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I truly welcome you all who visit Pine Ridge Resort.
Pine Ridge Resort always makes an effort to give the best impression to you as the world class resort under our mission statement that is “We create the family-centered leisure culture of true love for customers' health and happiness based on Expertise, Sincerity, Righteousness”

As the fairway was constructed with mixture of 40,000 tons of elvan sand, we think that health of golfers is the top priority.
Also, we attempted “the whole caddies specialization” domestically for the first time so that caddies help you improve golfing ability and even maintain your health.

The villa that is one of the most famous things about Pine Ridge Resort was built in the golf course for your health and relaxation as though my house was built for my family members. We are waitng for you with exclusive facilities in wonderful natural environment in order for you to relax your body and even your mind away from your daily lives.

Azalea spa which is regarded as the best facility out of the singular buildings in Asia has pure mineral water of 40.9℃ that is very effective in skin care and blood circulation. Also, there is a therapy zone where you can take care of both your health and beauty through sophisticated and sensuous massage.

Pine Ridge Resort makes an effort to take the lead in improving the quality of life by taking a way where none has been to, thinking new one before anyone else and setting a new strategy for advanced leisure industry.

We, all of employees, are making our best in harmony to give the best resting that is unforgettable forever to all of you who visit Pine Ridge Resort through creative strategies and distinguished services.

Thank you very much